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Raving about responsive design on ZIMS

Species360 ZIMS responsive design

The Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) receives frequent updates as functionality is released and improvements are made. Some of these are worth noting more than others, and today I thought to highlight a particular exciting one: responsive design.

Responsive design allows people to view information on a screen size of their choosing. Be it desktop, tablet or mobile, with responsive design the image on your screen will automatically adjust to keep information clear and accessible.

responsive design

Viewing animal data on any device

People from our membership community (which is nearing the 1100 institutions mark!) will appreciate the added flexibility of viewing their animal data in ZIMS on any device they choose. Implementation will gradually roll out as new ZIMS features and updates are built with responsive design in mind. Older features will be updated over time as well.

What can ZIMS do for you?

Wonder what the ZIMS animal records-keeping database can do for you? Feel free to reach out.

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