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ZIMS FOR AQUATICS - ZIMS Animal Management Software

ZIMS for Medical

ZIMS for Medical, the cloud-based medical solution within the Species360 Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS), captures records about anesthesia, treatment, diagnostic testing, clinical observations and more. Powerful enough to replace any other third-party medical records application, it also identifies species-specific physiologic reference data and commonly used anesthesia drugs, dosages and potential risks for thousands of wildlife species.

ZIMS for Medical integrates seamlessly with ZIMS for Inventory and Husbandry records, pulling medical and husbandry information into the same comprehensive records system with a single point of access. It is also fully functional as a stand-alone application, replacing and significantly upgrading Species360 legacy software MedARKS (Medical Animal Record Keeping System).

ZIMS for Medical is designed for use by veterinarians, vet techs, keepers, and other staff working with a veterinary team.

New! ZIMS Sample Storage

Storing blood, tissue, serum, hair samples, or other biological samples for future medical or research needs? Know exactly what sample types have been stored, how they are being preserved, and where the material is located. Read more.

Global Medical Resources:

Download this flyer to learn more about the unique global medical resources built with support from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences (IMLS).

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What are the institutional benefits of ZIMS for Medical?

ZIMS for Medical is a web-based information management application that replaces Species360 legacy software MedARKS (Medical Animal Record Keeping System). It provides:

  • Improved medical information standardization, search and retrieval.
  • Integration of medical records and drug regulatory compliance records
  • Enhanced communication between staff members
  • Access to medical records from any computer with an internet connection
  • Available only in ZIMS: Drug usage information for more than 1,200 species
  • Available only in ZIMS: Species-specific anesthesia protocols and outcomes for more than 1,200 species
  • Available only in ZIMS: Physiologic reference data on more than 900 species.

What is the scope of ZIMS for Medical?

ZIMS for Medical’s range of functionalities is far-reaching. It includes:

  • Anesthesia records
  • Pathology
  • Treatments and prescriptions
  • Pharmacy inventory
  • Samples
  • Tests and results
  • Physiological measurements
  • Clinical notes
  • Diagnoses and procedures
  • Medical term, test and treatment dictionaries
  • Reports generated for complete medical histories, caseload management, daily medical summaries, aesthesia summaries, samples, tests and results, and unresolved medical issues.

Who can view my medical data?

No one or anyone. The option is completely up to each institution. Within your institution, there are discreet role controls that allow unique access for vets, medical admins, vet techs, and any other role you may need. You can also limit access to those roles and not allow sharing with other staff, if needed. Outside of your institution, no one has access to your detailed data, unless you choose to grant it to them. We have features to help you automate read-only access for other institutions by specific animal or taxa and for different groups of data, if you choose.

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