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Corporate sponsors

Without evidence, species are lost. Your support gives conservationists the data-driven insights they need now.

Some scientists estimate that we could lose between a third to half of all species by 2050.  As conservationists work to slow extinctions and save species, wildlife institutions are forming new refuge centers and collaborating across programs to protect critical populations.

The worldwide zoo and aquarium community is playing an increasingly important role in helping to sustain key species, many with hopes of re-introducing species to their natural habitat. Conservation breeding and reintroduction have helped prevent the extinction of 6 out of 16 critically endangered bird species and 9 out of 13 mammal species, including species previously classified as Extinct in the Wild.

Data is critical to planning for species survival

Data-driven evidence is required to know which species are in crisis, which can be saved, and how best to sustain biodiversity of life.

Species360, a nonprofit, non-governmental organization, has been the primary source of biological insights on living collections of wildlife in human care since 1974. Created by our members to advance global collaboration and information sharing, Species360 ZIMS is an unmatched knowledgebase. With more than 10 million animals and 22,000 species, ZIMS increases the known demographic data on wildlife by 10x.

More than 1100 zoos, aquariums and other wildlife organizations in 97 countries are generating streams of data into Species360 ZIMS in real-time, yielding important new insights on best practice animal care. Average growth rate of 60-100 new members annually. It’s time to leverage this treasure of data.

Partnering with Species360

By partnering with Species360, our corporate sponsors are investing in a critical data bank for our planet’s future. Early progress by the Species360 science team, in partnership with our leading members, on advancing conservation outcomes for species like turtles and pangolins is leading to broader collaboration opportunities with organizations such as IUCN, TRAFFIC, Wildlife Reserves Singapore and CITES. Becoming a Species360 corporate sponsor means you become visibly aligned to a larger community of worldwide organizations leading the way in conservation science and action.


Species360 sponsors have the opportunity to strengthen their brand presence, build brand equity and increase sales in key growth markets around the world. Corporate sponsors will have their names linked to visible support for the community-wide 44-year initiative of Species360, and position themselves as a contributing partner to a global zoological and aquarium community in 95 countries. In addition to prominent brand placement on the Species360 website and within ZIMS (shown to more than 20,000 animal management professionals), examples of additional benefits a sponsor may receive follow for reference:

How funds are used

New members and training in developing countries: Are essential for growing knowledge on many threatened species located in those countries, yet they often lack the funds for membership and training.

Software development/ enhancement:  Member requested functionality enhancements have yet to be funded in medical, nutrition, behavior modules and wildlife welfare.

TranslationsSpanish, Russian and Japanese translations have been completed but other languages such as Mandarin & Portuguese have been requested.

Innovation:  With 40 years of collective knowledge in the database, there is an unprecedented opportunity to explore innovative approaches & advanced technologies to expand the impact of this data in conservation and animal welfare.

Sponsors and Partners

  • Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition
  • Disney
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)
  • iZone Imaging
  • Kasper Fauna Food
  • Lyon Technologies Inc.
  • Studio Hanson Roberts
  • US National Science Foundation
  • Wildtex
  • zoOceanarium Group
  • Zoological Lighting Institute

Product Donors

  • 4imprint
  • Adobe
  • Atlassian
  • Balsamiq
  • Intuit
  • Microsoft
  • Sensa

What does Species360 do?

Watch this quick video to learn more:

Sponsorship Fact Sheet

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