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Rethinking plant record keeping: Hortis – the next generation plant collection platform.

“We’ve been looking for a system that is more modern, more intuitive, more interactive — something also that is cloud-based. This was where Hortis came into the equation.”

Dr Charles Clarke
Curator, Cairns Botanic Garden, Australia

Hortis was added to the Species360 product portfolio in 2022, thus extending our mission of facilitating the collection and sharing of knowledge to plants as well as animals. Botanical collections held by institutions play an important role in global plant conservation efforts. However, many collection holders struggle to keep up with their plant records and consequently, are unable to utilise their collection to its full potential. 

With Hortis, our aim is to help botanical institutions keep track of their collections with ease and efficiency, at an affordable cost. We offer a solution to this challenge by providing a cloud-based app, designed to work on any device so data can be captured and analysed where and when it happens.  With its innovative use of technology and design, Hortis is focused on providing an intuitive user experience, to allow a very high level of staff participation regardless of individual expertise.

By using Hortis, you can free up more time to focus on your core mission activities of conservation, research, horticulture, education and botanical heritage. With more accurate and up to date information, your collection has the potential to significantly enhance its utility as a valuable resource for all members of your institution, as well as the wider community.

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