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Species360 Member News

Catch up on the latest newsletters from Species360. Click on any of the links below to read the newsletter from that month.

  • November 2023: ZIMS at Work with Minnesota Zoo, learn how the zoo uses Care and Welfare in ZIMS to monitor animal welfare, learn more with LearnZIMS and launching the new Daily Activity in ZIMS.
  • October 2023: ZIMS at Work with Zoological Society of London, meet Species360’s new Director of Product Management, new Species360 members, and new research from the Species360 Conservation Science Alliance on marine mammal longevity.
  • September 2023:  Read more about how Cayman Turtle Conservation and Education centre uses ZIMS, new Insights course, and One Plan Approach for the conservation of Vietnam’s threatened reptiles.
  • July/August 2023: Species360 appoints Director of Conservation, meet new team members, and the latest updates to ZIMS for Husbandry and Aquatics.
  • June 2023: New research using ZIMS data shed light on conservation potential of biobanks, how the Red Siskin Initiative uses ZIMS for Institutional Studbooks for red siskin conservation efforts, latest update in ZIMS for Medical.
  • May 2023: Read the latest ZIMS at Work feature with Steinhart Aquarium, the latest aquatics updates and more.
  • April 2023: An update on ZIMS modernization, and unveiling the new ZIMS and Hortis logos.
  • March 2023: A look at the Species360 Research Partner Program, ZIMS at Work with Oceanário de Lisboa, meet the women behind the Species360 Conservation Science Alliance, and more.
  • January/February 2023: CEO Jim Guenter recaps 2022, Hortis joins Species360, new aquatic features, announcing a partnership with The Aquarium Vet.
  • December 2022: Species360 at CITES CoP19, exciting improvements coming to ZIMS, launch of Vet Advisor Program and welcome Rob Calcagni to the team.
  • November 2022: See how ZooParc de Beauval uses ZIMS for sample storage and managing its diverse animal collections, Species360 at conferences, what’s new in ZIMS for Husbandry and Aquatics, and announcing an exciting new online course for Aquarists and Keepers.
  • October 2022: See how ZIMS data informs research in zoonotic diseases, watch the recording of the CITES CoP19 Global Expert Briefing, and meet new Species360 team members.
  • September 2022: The critical role of sharing data for conservation and animal care, ZIMS at Work feature on the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, and latest updates to ZIMS.
  • August 2022: ZIMS at Work Bristol Zoological Society, New in ZIMS for Husbandry and Aquatics, turtle and tortoise coverage goes global, and Species360 at conferences.
  • July 2022: What is the Species360 Conservation Science Alliance? New study on testudines, and ZIMS at Work feature on Cologne Zoo.
  • June 2022: ZIMS at Work Copenhagen Zoo, museum zoo collaboration research, the Species360 team goes 100% remote, new team members.
  • May 2022: ZIMS at Work Two Oceans Aquarium, ZIMS data unlocks mysteries of parrot longevity, new member Paris L’ Aquarium Tropical de la Porte Dorée, new team members.
  • April 2022: ZIMS at Work Audubon Institute, ZIMS for Medical user feedback sessions, new members Dingle Aquarium and Mote Coral Research and Restoration Centre, New in ZIMS reproductive tools.
  • March 2022: ZIMS at Work Calgary Zoo, RAW conference, IMPACTS webinar.
  • February 2022: Species360 Conservation Science Alliance cancer. research, coral identification study using ZIMS data, new features in ZIMS for Husbandry and Aquatics, Future of Aquariums recorded webinar.
  • January 2022: Member spotlight Vancouver Aquarium, Research Partner Program Harvard University, new features in ZIMS for Care and Welfare.

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