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ZIMS FOR AQUATICS - ZIMS Animal Management Software

ZIMS for Aquatics

Fostering international collaboration in the care and conservation of marine and freshwater species

Aquariums that are serious about driving conservation know that success depends on knowledge. Trusted by aquariums worldwide, the Species360 Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) is the only solution that combines best-in-class enclosure and animal records management with data-driven insights to marine and freshwater species. The result makes a difference for the individuals and groups in your care – and for populations worldwide.

Faster data entry, excellent data accuracy. Aquarium professionals spend hours collecting and recording data, such as water quality trends and tank transfers, to support daily decision-making and scientific work. ZIMS is designed by aquarists, working alongside our team of software developers, to provide streamlined, mobile-enabled features that facilitate high quality records.

Enclosure management and aquatic animal care. An integrated enclosure and life support module design. Volume calculations for water quality testing and drug prescriptions. Streamlining aquarists’ record keeping with new Daily Log templates. These are a few of the ways that we help you focus on animal care while also keeping teams well informed.

Species available/wanted. To further protect populations in the wild, leading aquariums are working together to sustain diverse groups of species. ZIMS “Available/Wanted” listings make it possible for collection planners and population managers to identify individuals or groups at other aquariums that need a home — and to find the right home for individuals and groups that require a new or additional location. Once a match is made, ZIMS supports the transfer with the right information, including the ability to easily transfer complete husbandry and medical records to the new institution.

Global medical resources: By applying analytics to global data recorded for marine and freshwater species at hundreds of institutions, ZIMS for Medical gives veterinary teams insight not found anywhere else. Expected test results, anesthesia summaries, common medical issues, and drug usage extracts deliver insight in critical situations. And, new in ZIMS for Medical, teams use “quick split” to record medical treatment of an individual – and retain that medical record even after returning the individual to its group.

Global species conservation. Today more than ever, aquariums are working to protect and even reintroduce and fortify populations in the wild. An important part of this work includes sustaining critical populations of rare and endangered species, often with the goal of re-introducing animals to the natural habitats where they may once again thrive. ZIMS allows institutions to better participate in, and manage, conservation programs by connecting aquariums’ conservation teams and collection managers with like-minded experts at other institutions.

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