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ZIMS FOR AQUATICS - ZIMS Animal Management Software

Data science for zoos and aquariums

More than 1,300 zoos, aquariums and wildlife institutions in 102 countries use Species360 ZIMS (Zoological Information Management Software) to help them achieve best practice animal management and conservation goals. It reflects the expertise of leading aquatic and zoological institutions, and is accepted and preferred by CITES and other regulatory bodies worldwide.

ZIMS animal husbandry and veterinary modules are integrated into a master database, establishing a rich reserve reflecting millions of records on more than 22,000 species and ten million individual animals. The result is the world’s largest set of data for ex situ populations of wildlife, one that reflects more than 40 years of experience across our global member community. ZIMS works with any modern browser, is optimized for Google Chrome, and is “mobile-friendly” for tablets as well as desktop computers.

ZIMS zoo aquarium animal management software: One, global, accurate, comprehensive and reliable source of information on animals and their environments for zoos, aquariums and related organizations to serve animal management and conservation goals.

ZIMS zoo aquarium animal management software modules

ZIMS FOR HUSBANDRY -zoo aquarium animal management softwareZIMS FOR HUSBANDRY

Almost half a century of global animal information and best practices within a thriving community of member institutions. Discover facilities with experience in breeding and caring for certain species. Identify institutions seeking animals. The Husbandry module is designed to manage information about animal accessions and dispositions, animals wanted and available, behavioral observations, enrichment, training, feed logs, and much more. ZIMS for Husbandry contains the information on your inventory, animals, enclosures and your institution, and also generates information needed for CITES and other permitting and governmental uses. It is designed for use by curators, registrars, keepers and other animal care staff.

ZIMS FOR MEDICAL - zoo aquarium animal management softwareZIMS FOR MEDICAL

Decades of veterinary experience at your fingertips to quickly answer questions like what’s “normal” in this species or what medical problems are commonly reported in this species, putting you at the forefront of advanced animal healthcare. Questions about pharmaceutical usage or anesthesia protocols, topics that traditionally relied on personal experience or information shared by colleagues, can now be answered in seconds from within ZIMS. The Medical module is integrated with the animal data from the Husbandry module and allows members to manage the medical care of their collection in the same comprehensive records system with a single point of access. Benefits include improved tracking of medical concerns, treatments and results. ZIMS for Medical is designed for veterinarians, veterinary nurses, keepers, and other staff working with the medical team.

ZIMS FOR AQUATICS - zoo aquarium animal management softwareZIMS FOR AQUATICS

Managing large groups of animals, some of which are also part of your training program are just some of the unique challenges that aquariums face. Aquarium professionals also spend hours collecting and recording data, such as water quality trends, to support daily decision-making and scientific work. ZIMS for Aquatics provides online, real-time knowledge management designed specifically to serve the needs of aquariums for animal management, research and conservation planning. With features like group management, water quality measures and trends, life support, training and enrichment, ZIMS for Aquatics is designed for aquarists, curators and managers and veterinary staff. Aquariums that are serious about conservation and providing best-in-class care for their collection know that success depends on knowledge. Trusted by regulatory bodies, regional associations, and universities around the world, Species360 ZIMS is the best knowledge available while still serving the unique needs of aquatic collection management.

ZIMS FOR STUDBOOKS - zoo aquarium animal management softwareZIMS FOR STUDBOOKS

Replacing prior studbook offerings such as SPARKS and PopLink, ZIMS for Studbooks improves Studbook Keeper efficiency and record accuracy with suggested animals, notification of records updates, and extensive data quality tools. Studbook data is now connected with institutional records entered into ZIMS for Husbandry, so Studbook Keepers can be notified of record updates via the pending updates and suggested animal lists. Integration with PMx is also included, enabling users to conduct intensive population analysis, improving species and conservation management.

ZIMS FOR EDUCATION - zoo aquarium animal management software


Are you a zoological sciences teacher or a zoo or aquarium professional overseeing animal management staff? Are you ready to teach the world standard in animal records management? The educational version of ZIMS, or LearnZIMS, provides a teaching platform and practice database through which students can enter and manipulate their own data and access that of other educational institutions. Licensees also also have read-only access to the live ZIMS database and manage the ultimate disposition of their data with no involvement by Species360. 

Want to learn more?

Watch our video about ZIMS – from record-keeping to data science.

In today’s zoological institutions, with multiple species being managed as groups, it would be impossible to document the data the way we can in ZIMS.

Rachél Watkins Rogers, Zoo Registrar and Records Coordinator, Zoo Miami

I just wanted to pass on a compliment on the Species Holding program in ZIMS – AMAZING! I absolutely love the features and it’s incredibly easy to use. The ease of information cuts my time in half!

Brigid Randall, The Living Desert

A few of the universities using ZIMS

Deleware Valley University logo - zoo aquarium animal management software
Delaware Valley

Zoological Sciences Program
Doylestown, PA – ​United States
University of Queensland - zoo aquarium animal management software
The University of Queensland
Gatton Campus
Notthingham Trent University - zoo aquarium animal management software
Nottingham Trent

Zoo Biology
Nottingham – United Kingdom
Roskilde Technical College - zoo aquarium animal management software
Roskilde Technical
Zookeeper Training
Roskilde, Sjælland – Denmark
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