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Thanking our sponsors for banking on our planet’s future

Partnering with Species360 makes a difference

Our corporate sponsors are investing in a critical data bank for our planet’s future. Data drives decision making in today’s society and conservation planning is no different. Species360 has been the primary source of biological insights on wildlife in managed care since 1974. Our database has over 330 million records, of which 82 million are medical records. We were a top 5 conservation tech innovation for big data insights according to Mongabay (other press mentions are here). Many of the conservation organizations and partners we work with are from developing regions, such as the Sumatran Rhino sanctuary.

How our sponsors help

Support from our sponsors helps in a number of ways such as reducing fees for new members and training in developing countries, development of critical new animal care functions in the software, translations, and in furthering conservation science and innovation. Some sponsors help by providing donations of products or services to help offset operating costs. Learn more about becoming a sponsor.

Thank you to our new corporate sponsors

MAZURI Exotic Animal Nutrition - sponsorsMAZURI Exotic Animal Nutrition is a world leader in quality nutrition for virtually every living exotic animal. Our name means “good” in Swahili, so we design, test and produce more animal diets than any other company in the world. We support ongoing research and conservation through grants and sponsorships with other animal experts. Since 1989, professionals, veterinarians, breeders and exotic pet owners have trusted their animals to MAZURI exotic animal feed.

Kasper Faunafood - sponsorsKasper Faunafood develops high quality animal nutrition for optimal animal health and performance. Starting with what the animal eats in its natural habitat, products are designed to meet the nutritional needs of animals at various stages of development. Kasper Faunafood is GMP+FSA and HACCP certified, ensuring the highest standards of quality for nutritional value.

4imprint - sponsors4imprint sells promotional items. The original principle behind 4imprint has always been about making the process of buying promotional products easier and less expensive for our customers. Also, critical to our vision for the company has always been the belief that in order to offer incredible value, we must provide incredible service — and service is all about people. We strive to create an environment where people are valued and respected. This philosophy is evident in everything we do. It’s in our guarantee to you.



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