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ZIMS Spanish language / ZIMS en Español

Species360 released the Spanish language version of its Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) on February 16, 2015. The ZIMS Spanish translation is available to users who select Spanish as their language preference. This PDF explains how to change your language preference – Russian and Japanese versions are also available.

Training documents and an instructional video are also available in Spanish.

ZIMS Spanish language community project

Five remarkable translators and a group of generous beta-testers made this Spanish edition possible. The volunteer translators were:

  • Angélica Moreno Duarte at Parque Temático de Flora y Fauna de Pereira
  • Lilia Carolina Holguín González at Africam Safari
  • Real de la Cruz Erendira, Professional translator at SIMPAT, Zoo de Morelos
  • MVZ. Erika Servín Zamora, Dirección General de Zoológicos y Vida Silvestre de ciudad de México
  • Enrique Yarto Jaramillo, Asesor at Zoológico de León en México and Presidente of the Association of North American Zoo Veterinarians

A big thanks also goes to the beta-testers at Africam Safari, Barranquilla Zoo, Bioparc Fuengirola, Faunia, Bioparque Pereira, and Fundacion Zoologica de Cali. They shared our enthusiasm for this project and were very generous with their time and energy.

ZIMS Spanish

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