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Advanced healthcare for aquatic collections

Global Medical Resources for Aquariums

Species360 recently updated and enhanced our pooled global medical resources in ZIMS, including vital medical data resources to help our aquariums best manage the species in their care.  These resources can help veterinary teams and curators answer questions like:

baby zebra sharkFor routine annual physicals:  What are expected ranges for bloodwork values for our zebra shark?

For considering adding a new species to your collection:  What are commonly reported clinical issues for managed cownose rays?

For medical management of a species:  What dosage levels have been used for Ceftazidime in bonnethead sharks?

These resources analyze standardized data collected from over forty years, with strict data quality checks to produce a valuable medical asset.

Never before has this vital information been so easily available to the aquarium and zoo community; these resources highlight the core mission of ZIMS to enable and support our members to provide the best care possible for their animals through the sharing of global data.

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