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Photo Ark: Joel Sartore images featured in ZIMS

A six-month-old red panda named Cinnamon at the Virginia Zoo will be seen on the ZIMS login page beginning December 14, as part of a new Species360 initiative featuring endangered species in the care of zoos and aquariums. Photo: ©Joel Sartore/ National Geographic Photo Ark

There is a new look on the ZIMS login and desktop screens, featuring images by famed wildlife photographer Joel Sartore. As founder of the Photo Ark, a 25-year effort by National Geographic to photograph every species in human care around the globe, Joel is an increasingly more familiar face among conservationists and educators. He often visits zoos and aquariums as he photographs individual animals representing their species.

“Joel’s images inspire people of all ages to appreciate wildlife. The Photo Ark books are simply amazing, and like many of you, my wife and I enjoy them in our own home. Now we are grateful for the opportunity to share these images with animal care teams, veterinarians, and conservation scientists around the world as they use ZIMS throughout their work day,” said Jim Guenter, CEO, Species360.

Species360 launched the new look, including the Photo Ark images, in October by featuring the endangered Houston toad and the species’ reintroduction programs. The red panda follows starting December 14, with a gorgeous image on a black background at the ZIMS Login page.

Which species is next? Stay tuned! In January, we will feature an aquatic species to coincide with the Webinar, Future of Aquatics / Europe.

And be sure to let us know your requests for favorite species to feature in the new year by emailing

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