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Custom Development

Are there features you’d like added to ZIMS to make it work better for your organization? We can work with your institutions–and others that may have similar needs—to develop them.

Feature sponsorship provides members a mechanism to directly affect the priority and timeline of specific functionality offered in ZIMS.  Typically, Species360 receives input and feedback by users and members to determine the functionality developed and offered in upcoming releases of ZIMS.  Species360 determines the overall priority and timing based on the needs of its overall membership.

However, if there is a feature that is of general use to a majority of users, a given member may choose to sponsor that feature to ensure its completion for a specific release of ZIMS.  This provides any member with a vehicle to have a feature included in ZIMS earlier than might otherwise be the case.

Want to learn more?
If you’re interested, let’s talk about it and possible next steps. Contact us.

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