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ZIMS Keeper Daily Report

Species360 released the Keeper Daily Report (KDR) within its  Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) on January 25, 2016. The new functionality allows keepers and other front-line staff to enter hundreds of types of data directly into ZIMS, while giving final approval to the institution’s centralized registrar or records administrator.

ZIMS Keeper Daily Report community project

The member-requested KDR community project was made possible by 22 members who provided funding and expertise. The Keeper Daily Report enables members to:

  • Create short-term data entry roles that allow multiple people to share data entry tasks;
  • Give registrars/curators and others a centralized approval queue for all data entered by staff;
  • Improve data quality and save time for data management staff who currently copy and paste records from local daily reporting systems, word documents or written reports;
  • Allows data oversight in four key reports: the activity report, enclosure report, note retrieval report and the new Keeper Daily Report.

Benefits include greater staff productivity, data capture and information security, animal inventory management, records management and audit trail, and overall institutional planning.

 This new feature makes me more comfortable handing control over to the keepers to enter records into ZIMS. As my comfort level increases, an added bonus is the potential for better time management since I no longer will be manually entering all our animal records.”

–Deanna Snell, Registrar at Calgary Zoo and project sponsor

Thank you to the sponsoring members

On behalf of all our members, our thanks to contributors Abilene Zoological Gardens, Alexandria Zoological Park, Artis Royal Zoo, Audubon Zoo, Brec’s Baton Rouge Zoo, Calgary Zoo, Cameron Park Zoological & Botanical Gardens, Central Florida Zoo, Chattanooga Zoo, Chewhaw Park, Dickerson Park Zoo, Ellen Trout Zoo, Fresno Chaffee, Little Rock Zoo, Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Louisville Zoo, Phoenix Zoo, Sedgwick Country Zoo, Seneca Park Zoo, Sunset Zoo, Tulsa Zoo, and Virginia Zoo.

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