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Data4Wildlife Conservation Heroes

Data4Wildlife conservation heroes do amazing things every day to help save wildlife and ecosystems. Whether they are traveling to remote places, facing extreme conditions, or reaching out to local communities, these heroes are making big sacrifices to do good for nature and wildlife. They don’t have an easy job but they are passionate about their work.

The rapid acceleration of threats such as climate change and wildlife exploitation is making their job tougher. Technology can help, but it’s also changing fast. A conservation project that monitors seal populations via satellite today may need to get more precise in the future with advanced innovations like geospatial-temporal insights – just to stay ahead of the threats.

We applaud these heroes for their dedication, commitment and leadership, and we’re curious to learn more about their superpower – Data4Wildlife.

(The initial Data4Wildlife hero series is based on a set of video interviews taken during the ZACC 2018 conference. We had the opportunity to chat with several “conservation superheroes” to learn more about their view on the value of data to wildlife conservation. Each story will feature our video interview with the hero, more about their work and how data can help.)

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