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ZIMS at Work: University of Chicago researchers access data essential to immunology studies

University of Chicago researchers will use data aggregated across global populations of animals to study immunology in species of mammals. In particular, they will look at baseline neutrophil concentrations published in the Species360 Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) to summarize order-level parameter values that approximate the magnitude of constitutive immunity across diverse mammalian taxa.
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Turtle and Tortoise Study Coverage Goes Global

From Costa Rica to Papua New Guinea, Species360 members have been featured in more than 100 news articles this summer - in national, regional, and local news and via their own newsletters and blogs. The topic: the role of each institution in recording and sharing data used to study aging in species. These articles are the result of a press release reporting Species360 members' part in research conducted by the Conservation Science Alliance and published in Science magazine.
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Research: Species360 provides cross-species data for diabetes study

Data from ZIMS/Species360 will allow comparison of blood glucose levels across birds, mammals, and other vertebrates as part of this project. Researcher Danial Lyons expects to discover new insight to how species with notably high glucose levels avoid the critical medical problems caused by hyperglycemia in other species.
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