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08Aug 23

Welcome! Sierra Leone Chimpanzee Sanctuary joins nonprofit Species360

Species360 provides the Sanctuary with resources based on information gathered across 1,300 member institutions worldwide, including leading wildlife refuges and conservation centers. That includes ZIMS Global Medical Resources, insight to global populations, and access to peers caring for the same species worldwide.
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29Jun 23

ZIMS at Work: Using ZIMS for Studbooks, Smithsonian scientists discover surprising opportunities to help save an endangered species

In this ZIMS at Work article, we interview Erica Royer, Aviculturist and Red Siskin Consortium Coordinator and Studbook Keeper at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute (NZCBI) in Front Royal, Virginia (United States). Erica shares insights on achieving reproductive success with the endangered Red Siskin, and the impact of using ZIMS for Institutional Studbooks to manage essential information about individual birds, breeding pairs, and hatchlings.
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