Species360 Member News / October 2020

ZIMS for Studbooks: Studbook keepers migrate over 1,060 studbooks to ZIMS

UPDATED: AZA ZIMS for Studbooks Workshop - Tuesday October 13 - Hosted by Jim Barkowski, APM Committee Vice Chair for SSPs and Studbooks. Click thru for details.

Species360 is celebrating a new milestone: in September, we surpassed 1,000 regional and international studbook migrations to ZIMS for Studbooks. We thank our partner associations and all of the studbook keepers that have helped to make this possible. As a...

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See what's new in ZIMS for Husbandry, Medical, or Studbooks in 2020 (Video)

Species360 product owners walk through new ZIMS for Husbandry, Medical, and Studbooks features delivered in 2020, and the roadmap ahead.

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WWF, TRAFFIC map EU's 'unlikely' role in tiger trade

To curb illegal trade in tigers, WWF and TRAFFIC recommend establishing a central EU registry, one that models EAZA members’ use of Species360, to improve transparency to the births, care, welfare, and deaths of all tigers in captivity.

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New Book: Rapidly expanding field of Biodemography taps Species360 data

Learn how you can apply Species360 data in your research as part of the Species360 Research Partner Program. By establishing a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to demography, one that brings together a diverse range of concepts, models, and applications, the new…

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Researchers use Species360 data to study reproduction in primates

A study published today in Biological Reviews, and using Species360 data, provides new insight to reproduction in primates living in in situ versus ex situ environments. Thanks to the researchers at Clinic for Zoo Animals at the University of Zurich,…

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Marine Aquarium of Rio de Janeiro joins Species360

We are so happy to welcome new member Aquário Marinho do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to the Species360 global community. Built in 2016, the and spanning 26,000-square-meter AquaRio is the largest aquarium in South America and serves as a central source…

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The National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi joins Species360

Over 350 aquariums, and zoos with aquatic collections, curate and share vital animal data as part of Species360. In all, the Species360 member community is comprised of more than 1,200 wildlife institutions in 100 countries.

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Advocating for Change: A Letter to Our Team

In the midst of historic challenges impacting not only our entire team but our member community worldwide, I want to take this opportunity to share insight to the values of our organization. As a global non-profit focused on education and conservation, we believe that taking a stance is necessary.

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