Species360 Member News / A 2020 Recap

Here is a look at some of the 'most read' stories from the year. Read more at member news.

image ZIMS for Medical: Sample Storage helps manage biological samples now and into the future

“Millions of unique samples are at the core of our ability to care for and save individual animals and species, now and far into the future. ZIMS vastly improves how…

image Conservation: EAZA Songbirds TAG and Species360 use data to pinpoint species at risk

EAZA's Silent Forest Group partners with Species360 Conservation Science Alliance to create a new way of looking at the world of songbirds -- one they hope will further enhance efforts…

image Streaming on Netflix: Latif Nasser visits The Living Desert Zoo to ask, “What is a studbook?”

Sarah Greeley, Field Conservation Coordinator, and Brigid Randle, Animal Registrar, Living Desert Zoo, talk with "Connected" host Latif Nasser about the role of population management programs in saving species. (Photo:…

image Science: Researchers use ZIMS data to study reproduction in primates

A study published today in Biological Reviews, and using Species360 data, provides new insight to reproduction in primates living in in situ versus ex situ environments. Thanks to the researchers…

image MEMBER FEATURE: With a sense of place, Tennessee Aquarium advocates for turtles and their habitats

Go inside with the team managing the nursery and a collection representing species from around the world!

image Saving Time: A faster way to edit and approve Provisional Data for animal care and aquatics teams

As a registrar, have you ever scanned provisional records, found a spelling error and wished you could simply edit and approve right from the “view” screen? Good news – now…

image Wildlife Conservation: Refuge for endangered Red Siskin songbird uses Species360, collaborates with SSP partners Smithsonian and others

As a Species360 conservation grant recipient, the Red Siskin Conservation Center (RSCC) at Leslie Pantin zoo will curate and husbandry data with international species survival program partners…

image COVID Response: Supporting members working remotely

As zoo and aquarium staff worked from home due to COVID-19 closures, Species360 Member Support responded to record numbers of incoming calls, resolving 97 percent of inquiries, and earning a…

image Studbook Keepers, TAGS, SSPs: Managing over 1,060 studbooks worldwide with ZIMS

As a global community, we are now managing over 1,060 studbooks using ZIMS for Studbooks. The transition to an integrated, secure, standardized solution helps to improve access…

image ZIMS for Husbandry Roadmap: What’s already here, what lies ahead

Every month, Species360 rolls out new features and enhancements to ZIMS for Husbandry and Aquatics, ZIMS for Medical, and ZIMS for Studbooks. Here is look at this year's releases, and…

image Working from home: Granting ZIMS access to team members

Wildlife care and management teams complete data entry in work from home situations, with ZIMS.

image New Members: Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation adopts ZIMS

Thank you to everyone participating this week in Species360 ZIMS training Sjoukje Vaartjes at the BOS Foundation’s Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rehabilitation Center BOS Foundation!

image Ask Adrienne: How many animals? How many species? Measure your institution's impact on data for animal welfare and conservation.

As part of the global Species360 community, your teams contribute vital information on the animals in their care. That information is used by IUCN, CITES, and other conservation leaders, zoos,…

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