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Species360 Member News / November 2020

image Conservation: Championing the Global Initiative to End Wildlife Crime

The Global Initiative to End Wildlife Crime invites conservation advocates to champion new measures to protect wildlife. International Champions include the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), African Wildlife Foundation, IUCN World Commission, Species360, and more…

image From the WAZA Annual Meeting: Species360 Year in Review with CEO Jim Guenter

From the (virtual) WAZA Annual, Species360 CEO Jim Guenter provides an update on Species360, our response to the pandemic, and all that we have achieved in partnership with our members.…

image WWF / Tiger Trade: Central EU registry, much like the one EAZA requires of its members, among steps needed to protect animals

To curb illegal trade in tigers, WWF and TRAFFIC recommend establishing a central EU registry, one that models the one required by European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), to…

image Species360 Learning Opportunities: Getting Ready for Inventory Time, with Brigid Randle

Species360 Webinar: Aquarists and zoo keepers learn how to use ZIMS to streamline annual inventory events.

image Fort Worth Zoo joins Species360 as Research Partner

As a Research Partner, Fort Worth Zoo gains access to aggregated, anonymous data needed to better understand medical norms, animal care and welfare best practices, and more. These insights are…

image ZIMS for Studbooks: Managing over 1,060 studbooks worldwide and delivering new features

Species360 is celebrating a new milestone: in September, we surpassed 1,000 regional and international studbook migrations to ZIMS for Studbooks. We thank our partner associations and all of the studbook…

image See what’s new in ZIMS for Husbandry, Medical, or Studbooks (Video)

Species360 product owners walk through new ZIMS for Husbandry, Medical, and Studbooks features delivered in 2020, and the roadmap ahead.

Species360 Members and Research
image New book on Biodemography taps Species360 data

Learn how you can apply Species360 data in your research as part of the Species360 Research Partner Program. By establishing a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to demography, one that brings together…

image Researchers use Species360 data to study reproduction in primates

A study published today in Biological Reviews, and using Species360 data, provides new insight to reproduction in primates living in in situ versus ex situ environments. Thanks to the researchers…

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