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Unveiling the New ZIMS Daily Activity: Empowering Users with Data-Driven Insights for Optimal Animal Care 

Species360 is excited to reveal the all new Daily Activity feature in its Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS). Daily Activity is the first release in a multi-year effort to modernize the ZIMS platform, providing a more intuitive user experience and more accessible insights from the global leader in wildlife conservation data management.

The all-new interface behind Daily Activity gives users a quick and easy way to access recent and historical animal data so they can make data-driven decisions for their animals. 

With a new look and feel that places users at the center of the experience, Daily Activity provides up-to-date information from across the institution in an accessible and mobile-friendly way. The new tool elevates the current ZIMS Daily Report to deliver an interactive experience and additional context to the information displayed.  (Image: Species360, ZIMS Daily Activity)

Catch Up on the Most Important Information with Daily Activity 

There are many different use cases for Daily Activity. For example, animal care staff coming in at the start of a new shift or after a weekend off can refer to the Daily Activity view to see all the updates and important information relevant to their animals. A curator can look at a team’s records from the day before to see updates and make decisions for follow-ups, or a registrar can look up data recorded over the past week to review data accuracy. 

Previously, when looking at Animal Events in ZIMS, users would see that animals had been split, merged, or transferred to other groups but with less context. Now users can see who and where and have context around the moves, all in one place. All the information becomes instantly available in Daily Activity, and users can quickly change the filters and update the view in live time.

Learn more about Daily Activity in this short video.

Daily Activity Key Features

Key features in Daily Activity include intuitive navigation, batched animal records to streamline the data making it easier to review and manage, as well as additional information for enclosure moves, measurements and animal transactions. 

Planning and development of Daily Activity involved many interviews with ZIMS users to learn more about what they need, as well as extensive beta testing with a small group of members. 

“We are very excited to release Daily Activity, and we hope it will be a beneficial tool for our members and their day-to-day work. This is the first modernized feature released in ZIMS that is visible to our members, but over the past year, a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to update and build new infrastructure for ZIMS which has set the foundation for our modernization efforts,” said Nannette Driver-Ruiz, Species360 Product Owner, ZIMS for Husbandry and Aquatics. “We are also immensely grateful to our beta users for their time, enthusiasm, and commitment to providing feedback as we develop tools that will be beneficial to the broader community.” 

Learn More: 

To learn more about Daily Activity, watch this short explainer video here, and view the training document here.

If you would like any help with getting started in Daily Activity, please don’t hesitate to contact the Species360 Member Support team at 

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