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New Member: Species360 welcomes France’s Le Park Alpha, home to wolves within national parkland

Le Parc Alpha is home to multiple packs, including wolves from Europe, North America, and the Arctic. (Photo: Le Parc Alpha)

Located between 1500 and 1800 meters above sea level in France’ beautiful Saint-Martin-Vésubie national park, Le Parc Alpha invites walkers to immerse themselves in the life of wolf packs year-round. This includes the opportunity to discover the wolf’s environment in the shelter of hides that are specially designed for observation. The wildlife park and educational center is an exceptional setting for a rare encounter with native wildlife and teaches visitors about the region’s wolves.

Species360 members maintain one of the largest datasets on species

As a member of global nonprofit Species360, Le Parc Alpha will use the Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) to record data and monitor the welfare of individual animals and groups. This scientific data helps to establish species knowledge for the benefit of animal welfare and conservation. Thanks to these efforts, ZIMS provides research, conservation, and animal welfare managers with one of the world’s largest sets of data on animals, including information not found anywhere else.

Parc Alpha also has become the first French establishment to obtain the Guaranteed Animal Welfare Label (BEAG). Issued for 5 years, the BEAG label certifies compliance with good professional conduct and optimal welfare conditions for animals.

Welcome Le Parc Alpha! And thank you for your amazing work.

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