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EAZA Biobanking: Gdańsk Zoo delivers samples for 35 species using new biobank sampling routine (Source: EAZA News)

Photo: Gdańsk Zoo (Poland)

When Gdańsk Zoo implemented a daily sampling routine in the fall of 2022, the Zoo set a course to make a major contribution of biobank samples representing species housed there. Late this summer, less than one year after implementing the new sampling program, the Zoo contributed more than 260 blood, tissue and feather samples representing 35 species to the EAZA Biobank Hub in Berlin (IZW).

How did it happen? Staff established a practice in which samples are collected opportunistically during routine handling, anesthesia procedure or post mortem. In addition, Gdańsk Zoo purchased equipment, including a freezer where samples are stored at -20oC until transport to their dedicated EAZA Biobank Hub.

In recent coverage, EAZA also thanked Gdańsk Zoo for translating the EAZA Biobank Sampling Protocol into Polish. Find the protocol in seven different languages here.

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