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Unveiling the New ZIMS and Hortis Logos

As part of the ongoing modernization work on the Species360 Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) platform, the new ZIMS experience will boast a fresh new look and user interface, and so we thought it would be fitting to create a ZIMS logo, as well as a new logo for Hortis to symbolize its new trajectory as part of Species360.

Therefore, we are pleased to unveil the new logos for Species360’s core data collection platforms: ZIMS and Hortis. The logos were designed to represent the value of data collection and management for the care and conservation of plant and animal species. We worked with a designer to create logos aligning with the Species360 brand while retaining each platform’s personality.

The new ZIMS logo features a bold design that incorporates images of aquatic and terrestrial species through the use of a stylized paw and fishtail, representing the breadth of species managed in ZIMS. The new Hortis logo features an elegant design incorporating imagery of data, plants, and leaves, highlighting the platform’s focus on plant collection data management.

Both logos evoke the globe shape of the Species360 logo, highlighting the global nature of the Species360 network, which spans across continents and oceans. The new logos also reflect Species360’s focus on collaboration and community. By bringing together a global network of wildlife and plant institutions, researchers, and experts, Species360 is able to harness the collective knowledge and resources of the community to support plant and animal care and conservation efforts worldwide.

The Hortis logo has been added to the Hortis website, and ZIMS users can look forward to seeing the new logo in ZIMS soon.

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