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Species360 Announces Partnership with The Aquarium Vet 

The Aquarium Vet team provides consultation and education regarding treatment, medication, reproduction, and more. (Photo: The Aquarium Vet)

Species360 is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with The Aquarium Vet, offering Species360 members discounted rates on the popular The Aquarium Vet E-quarist course and E-lasmo Conference. Through the partnership, Species360 members will have access to a wide variety of aquarium-specific classes and resources at a reduced rate that benefit multiple types of aquarium staff, including animal caretakers, aquarists, medical technicians, water quality, and life support staff. 

The Aquarium Vet is a team of passionate veterinarians committed to advancing the health and welfare of aquatic animals in aquariums and zoos globally through consultations, educational offerings, conferences, reproduction knowledge, and medication. 

The partnership will provide Species360 members interested in aquatic team professional development education with a 15% discount on The Aquarium Vet E-quarist Course and the annual E–lasmobranch Conference registration. 

The Aquarium Vet E-quarist course is the first online course providing aquarist education and is recognized as a Learning Partner by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). The course is designed for aquarists from all fields who want to fast-track their knowledge and skills. Course participants will learn more about fish anatomy and physiology, disease concepts and diagnostics in fish, water chemistry and quality, aquatic life support systems, fish diseases and treatments, nutrition and reproduction, and much more. The in-depth course provides the knowledge and skills needed for day-to-day aquarist duties and has received terrific feedback from past course participants. 

Members will also receive a discounted rate on registration fees for the annual E-lasmo Conference –– the only conference in the world solely dedicated to elasmobranchs (sharks, rays, skates, and sawfish) in human care. 

Dr. Sandy Trautwein, Director of Aquatic Conservation and Product Management at Species360, said, “We are pleased to have formed a partnership with The Aquarium Vet, led by Dr. Rob Jones, an industry leader in aquatic species husbandry and medicine. Our members will have access to his wealth of knowledge through the E-quarist course and the Elasmobranch conference at a reduced price. It is a great way for our members to demonstrate their commitment to professional development and to strengthen our aquarium community expertise through this popular certification course.”

Dr. Rob Jones said: “We are delighted to be associated with Species360 as their values really align with our vision of  Advancing the Health and Welfare of Aquatic Animals in Aquariums and Zoos Globally. 

For more information and to sign up for the courses or E-lasmo conference, please  contact Katrina Campbell at

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  1. Wonderful! This sort of teamwork becomes more valuable each day as we begin to appreciate the complex impacts of global climate change. Cheers all around!

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