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New in ZIMS for Medical: Quick Split for treating individual animals in a group

Discus fish (Symphysodon)

Species360 recently released a new feature in ZIMS for Medical called ‘quick split’ to help veterinarians better capture medical records that apply to just one member from a managed group of species. 

This new feature in ZIMS (the Zoological Information Management System) saves time, allows for more detailed record-keeping for individual animals in groups, and is a fast and efficient way of creating an incomplete accession from a group of animals.

Quick split is especially useful for veterinary professionals and aquarists. For example, if an individual fish from the school in your aquarium’s tank or one of the naked mole rats in your zoo’s colony requires veterinary treatment, you can use the quick split option to separate an individual from the group, record the necessary medical notes, prescriptions, sample collection, anesthesia, etc., for that individual and indicate whether the animal was kept separate or returned to the group after the procedure.

The registrar can then complete the incomplete accession record, revise or add details to ensure the animal inventory is accurate, merge the animal back to the original group, or keep the animal as an individual. If it remains an individual, it can be integrated into other groups as needed.

Watch the short video below to see how to use this feature:

Video on ZIMS Quick Split and Merge

For more information, please visit the release notes: ZIMSHelp—Quick Split and ZIMSHelp—Incomplete Accessions.

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