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New in ZIMS! Take a look at the latest enhancements to ZIMS for Husbandry and Aquatics

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Nannette Driver-Ruiz, A-CSPO, is Product Owner, ZIMS for Husbandry and Aquatics, Species360.

Throughout the year, Species360 releases new enhancements to ZIMS for Husbandry and Aquatics, ZIMS for Medical, and ZIMS for Studbooks. Most new features are developed in direct response to member requests.

By listening to your input, we adapt ZIMS to address the changing needs of individuals, teams, and larger institutions that care for species and habitats around the world.

Here is a look at two recent changes to ZIMS for Husbandry. And, in case you missed earlier posts, here is a look at more new releases this year.

  1. The Daily Report used by so many of you now has a filter to run the report by ‘Entered By’. This makes it easier for a curator to include data recorded by all the animal care staff they supervise by allowing them to select a team or multi-select specific staff. In addition, the Daily Report now allows you to see more information in one place by including animals, enclosures, life support systems and components data in a single report.
  2. ZIMS improves workflow for aquarists when you record chemical additions and water quality. ZIMS now enables chemical additions such as Sodium Chloride or Phosphoric Acid, along with the appropriate units of measurement, to be added to aquatic enclosures and applied to connected life support systems. This vital data can be viewed on the Environmental Quality graph in relation to water quality parameters to help aquarists manage the enclosures and the care and welfare of animals they are responsible for. This data can also be viewed with enclosure prescription treatments on an enclosure record and from the Enclosure Activity Report. Any notes recorded for a chemical addition can be copied onto the enclosure occupants records to bring more visibility to events affecting the water quality of their habitat.

Additional enhancements to ZIMS are always underway. If you have feedback or requests that you’d like us to consider, please contact us by emailing

As always, thanks to all of the zoo and aquarium teams that provide feedback to us as part of the Species360 member community. We appreciate you so much!

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