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Species360 Welcomes New Member: kanamaluka Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Species360 is pleased to welcome kanamaluka Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Australia as a new institutional member. 

The volunteer- and family-run wildlife rehabilitation centre is located in Tamar Valley in the north of Tasmania, Australia, a region with the highest rate of roadkill in the world. kanamaluka helps fill a gap in wildlife care and rehabilitation in the north of Tasmania and works closely with government departments, vets and other wildlife carers to rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife.

The centre provides expert care for a variety of Tasmanian species including wombats, Tasmanian pademelon, ringtail possum and many more.

Situated along the beautiful Tamar River, the centre’s name, ‘kanamaluka’ stems from the Tasmanian Aboriginal language palawa kani and means River Tamar. The written form of palawa kani does not use upper case letters, therefore, the beginning of the centre’s name is lowercase.

As a member of Species360, the centre will use the Species360 Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) to manage data on the animals which come into the centre.

“We decided to use the Species360 Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) because we wanted to streamline our monitoring and record keeping, we’re hoping that ZIMS helps us achieve this and more. We’re also looking forward to contributing to and benefiting from the pool of knowledge held on the ZIMS database.”

– Jessica O’Connor, Director of kanamaluka Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

In addition to rescuing and caring for animals, kanamaluka provides educational experiences to inspire future generations to care for and conserve Tasmania’s unique wildlife.

To learn more about kanamaluka please visit their website at:

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