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New in ZIMS! Species360 releases enhancements to ZIMS for Husbandry and Aquatics

Earlier this quarter, Species360 introduced new enhancements to ZIMS for Husbandry and Aquatics. Here is a look at four recent updates and what they mean for thousands of zoo and aquarium staff that use ZIMS every day. Each of these changes was made in response to requests from Species360 members.

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Nannette Driver-Ruiz, A-CSPO, is Product Owner, ZIMS for Husbandry and Aquatics, Species360.
  • Save time when you record Water Changes: Aquarists can now record Water Changes from the same Aquarist Daily Log template used for so many other tasks. This includes selecting volume or percent as a default as well as source water type. This functionality already resided in ZIMS for Husbandry but adding it to the Aquarist Daily Log template allows aquarists to save time and do more from a single screen. This enhancement was requested by multiple members – thank you, all!
  • Easily change the order in which you record Enclosure, Life Support, and Components measurements: To make record keeping faster and more intuitive, zoo and aquatic teams can now easily change the order in which Enclosures, Life Support Systems, and Components are listed on measurement templates. This functionality helps ensure that data entry is intuitive and matches actual workflow. We will add this capability to Animal Weight and Length templates in the future.
  • Recording data for egg collections just got faster! Institutions that manage a lot of eggs needed a more efficient way to record essential data regarding those eggs. By adding the ability to edit fertility status and update incubation information in batches, ZIMS significantly reduces the time it takes to enter this vital data.
  • Update Animal Feed Logs using batch actions: And, to further reduce time spent recording feedings, ZIMS for Husbandry’s Animal feed log now also has the option to “save & repeat” from batch actions.

Click here for more new ZIMS for Husbandry features and functionality introduced earlier this year, and watch here for upcoming new features and enhancements to ZIMS.

As always, thanks to all of the zoo and aquarium teams that provide feedback to us as part of the Species360 member community. We appreciate you so much!

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