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Emirates Park Zoo Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Species360

Emirates Park Zoo entrance.

The Emirates Park Zoo, in the United Arab Emirates, recently celebrated five years as a Species360 member. The Zoo is currently home to more than 1,150 animals of 193 species and since the opening of the Zoo in 2008, these numbers have continued to grow. 

To keep up with the continued growth rate, Emirates Park Zoo enlisted the use of Species360’s Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) in 2017. Since then, ZIMS has been a constant tool for the Zoo to keep track of all daily activity including husbandry, animal care and welfare, as well as medical data through the ZIMS for Medical module, allowing quick access to all of the animals’ health issues and needs. 

Also during this brief time the Zoo established its own Institutional Collection Plan and has started creating its own institutional studbooks. “With these tools in place we are able communicate both on regional and global levels. This has allowed our zoo to reach out and share data on endangered and critically endangered species throughout the ZIMS community. The positive has been better information for conservation of species both regionally and worldwide,” says Emirates Park Zoo Director, Dr. Waleed Shabaan.

“In the 5 years since Emirates Park Zoo began using ZIMS it has become a pillar in our zoo’s data management, and we look forward to continuing this using Species360’s ZIMS,”

Dr. Waleed Shabaan, Emirates Park Zoo Director

Happy Anniversary to the Emirates Park Zoo, here’s to many more years of collecting and sharing data to inform animal care and conservation!

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