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Community: Celebrating Member Anniversaries

“9 Monkeys Climbing!” – The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) has been a cornerstone member of Species360, serving on its board of trustees and helping to set direction. Follow news at the ZSL blog. (Photo: ZSL)

We are celebrating member anniversaries with some magnificent institutions among the global Species360 community. Most notable is what longevity and data curating mean for shared insights to animal care and species conservation. Together, Species360 and its association members like EAZA, WAZA, AZA, ZAA-Australasia, JAZA, BIAZA, and more, help to grow species knowledge as much as 800 percent, according to the Species Knowledge Index developed by the research community.

Here are a few of the anniversaries we celebrated in November:

45th Anniversary! The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) records data on 25,066 animals and groups spanning 2,130 species.

40th Anniversary: Zoo Zürich (Switzerland) records data on 18,103 animals and groups of 698 species; Brandywine Zoo (United States) records data on 1,084 animals and groups of 183 species; Staten Island Zoo (United States) records data on 3,144 animals and groups of 793 species; Edinburgh Zoo – Scottish National Zoo (United Kingdom) records data on 11,315 animals and groups of 584 species.

35th Anniversary: Bristol Zoological Gardens (United Kingdom) records data on 13,975 animals and groups of 1,409 species; Parc Zoologic de Barcelona (Spain) records data on 11,615 animals and groups of 743 species; and Lee Richardson Zoo (United States) records data on 3,068 animals and groups of 345 species.

Thank you, one and all, for being part of the global community of institutions creating and sharing new insight to animal welfare and species conservation. Read more about Species360 members.

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