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Hannah Jenkins joins Species360 Member Training Team

Hannah Jenkins has led change in the curation and sharing of essential species data throughout the EAZA region. She joins Species360 as a Member Training Specialist from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

We are excited and pleased to share that Hannah Jenkins has joined Species360 as a Member Training Specialist, expanding our staff based in Europe. Hannah comes to Species360 from the Zoological Society of London where she was Zoological Registrar for ZSL London and ZSL Whipsnade Zoos.

Hannah has led change and growth throughout the EAZA region. She helped found the EAZA Records Working Group which provides support and guidance to EAZA Members and sustains the network of professionals that share knowledge and expertise within the EAZA animal records community.

“We at ZSL owe Hannah a debt of gratitude for her tenure as registrar for both Whipsnade and London Zoos and her innovative zoological database developments. With Hannah’s leading role in BIAZA and EAZA record groups she increased the profile and recognition of the significant worth of registrars across our zoo communities. ZSL, through hosting Hannah, are please to enhance our already established connection with the amazing Species360 team, as she steps into the next phase in her career with Species360 as Member Training Specialist,” said Malcolm Fitzpatrick, Chief Curator, Zoological Society of London.

ZSL, a valued Species360 institutional member for over 45 years, made this match possible by providing hiring resources. By residing at ZSL and continuing to contribute some of her time and talents to that team, Hannah will support both our organizations: Species360 gains a key training resource with on-going experience collaborating with one of our most prestigious institutions; and ZSL retains the benefit of an extended transition period with Hannah as she leaves her her role as Registrar and database manager for various ZSL programs.

“Having worked with ZIMS for so long, I’m excited to use my skills and knowledge to help others further develop their own expertise, and get the most out of their membership,” said Hannah.

Hannah has already started contributing to Species360’s bi-weekly curation of new training content. With each new ZIMS release, Hannah will help our training team review existing content, create new content and develop webinars and online learning resources for our global audience.

Hannah previously served as the chair and vice chair of the BIAZA Records Working Group. She has conducted training sessions prior to joining Species360, and spent two weeks in Vietnam working with rescue centres to help set up ZIMS and train users.

You can learn more about Hannah’s previous work in guest blogs she wrote while still the Registrar at the Zoological Society of London – one is titled the Rise of the Registrar, discussing the changing role of the zoological registrar, and another on her role in the founding of the EAZA Records Working Group.

Hannah works remotely from her office in the UK. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys playing video games, learning about coding and going to Zumba.

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