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Welcome! Frands Carlsen joins Species360 as Member Advocate

Frands Carlsen has been instrumental in mobilizing regions to collaborate in the collection and sharing of data on animals, and has served on the Species360 Board of Trustees.

We are delighted to announce that Frands Carlsen has joined our Species360 team as a Member Advocate. In this role, Frands will work directly with aquariums, zoos, rescue and rehabilitation, and wildlife centers to help them curate, manage, and use essential data on animals and collections.

Frands has been an integral part of Species360 since serving on the Science and Technology Advisory Committee in the mid-90’s. As part of the Global Animal Data Group he was instrumental in developing what is now the integrated, cloud-based Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS). Frands helped mobilize regions around the world, establish data standards, develop business use cases, and implement user acceptance testing. Frands has served on the the Species360 Board of Trustees for many years, providing guidance and feedback as our community has grown.

Frands previously led the zoology section for Copenhagen Zoo, where he managed animal care staff, was curator for primates, herpetology department, and worked in various international organizations, including developing an action plan for the conservation of chimpanzees in Sierra Leone. Frands has resigned as a Species360 trustee to fulfill the new role.

We are grateful that Frands will be contributing his talent and experience to our team full-time. Welcome, Frands!

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