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New in ZIMS for Medical: Upload Antech Test Results directly to animal records

We are happy to announce that zoo, aquarium, and wildlife veterinary teams can now upload hematology and chemistry diagnostic results from Antech Diagnostics directly to an animal’s records in ZIMS for Medical. Many thanks to Antech Diagnostics for the collaboration and funding to make this feature available to Species360 member zoos and aquariums!

Northern rockhopper penguins (Photo: Adobe Stock Images)

PRESS RELEASE: Antech Diagnostics and nonprofit Species360 have enabled veterinary teams at zoos, aquariums, and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation institutions to upload Antech lab results to animal records in ZIMS for Medical. ZIMS, or the Zoological Information Management System, is used by more than 1,200 aquariums, zoos, and wildlife rescue and refuge institutions in 100 countries.

By importing and uploading results into the animal’s medical records, the ZIMS for Medical – Test Result Upload feature reduces manual data entry and improves the consistency and quality of animal health records.

“This is a critical step in recording and maintaining records essential to the welfare and medical treatment of wildlife in human care. We appreciate Antech’s support and collaboration in making this possible for zoo veterinarians and others that rely on their labs for diagnostics that lead to diagnosing and preventing illness in our animals,” said Paul Calle, Chief Veterinarian and Vice President of Health Programs based at Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) Bronx Zoo in New York and member of the Board of Trustees, Species360.

“Antech is exceptionally pleased to contribute to Species360’s mission to improve wildlife care and conservation worldwide,” said David Eaton, vice president of commercial marketing for Antech. “The ability to share data quickly and easily is essential to this mission, and we’re hopeful that by vastly reducing the time and resources that were once required to manually enter data, the collection, sharing and analysis of the world’s wildlife data and knowledge will be more timely, efficient and enjoyable for veterinarians.”

Antech Diagnostics funded the development of the Test Result Upload feature for Antech lab results. Antech provides laboratory medicine to veterinarians, as well as provides daily services to animal hospitals, zoos, and government agencies.

Species360 member institutions use ZIMS to curate and share data that informs the care and conservation of wildlife. In all, data maintained by Species360 in ZIMS increases demographic data on known species as much as 800 percent.

Read More: ZIMS for Medical Test Result Upload is now available for IDEXX, Gribbles Australia, and Gribbles New Zealand.

3 Steps to Upload Test Results to ZIMS for Medical

  1. Import results from Antech Diagnostics or one of the other supported laboratories.
  2. Link results to a patient sample
  3. Upload results

Learn More: Species360 Training “Test Result Upload” help document (PDF) provides detailed steps for uploading Antech, IDEXX, Gribbles Australia, or Gribbles New Zealand Test Results to ZIMS.

VIDEO: Introduction to the Test Upload feature in ZIMS for Medical, with Rachel Thompson

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