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New in ZIMS: Husbandry Log Templates just got even better – thanks to your input!

ZIMS Husbandry Log Templates make it easier and faster for aquarists and keepers to record essential information about the daily activities they complete as they care for animals and maintain enclosures. Templates such as Feed Logs and Environmental Measures are flexible to fit the team’s needs, while ensuring that standardized data is captured for short and long-term reporting. For all the updates on ZIMS for Husbandry, click here.

Nannette Driver-Ruiz, A-CSPO, is Product Owner for ZIMS for Husbandry at Species360.

Husbandry log templates are a great tool for keepers and aquarists to record daily activities for animals and daily maintenance for the enclosures in their care. This is one of the most popular features in ZIMS – so when Species360 members recommended changes, we listened. Using feedback that was submitted through our enhancement request portal, we have changed the husbandry log templates to both improve the process for creating templates as well as make data entry easier.

Here’s a look at what’s new:

Record all of the Environmental Measurements for an enclosure, life support, or component in a single column: This ZIMS update makes it easier for aquarists to record water temperature, pH, salinity and other environmental data for an enclosure, life support, or component. ZIMS allows you to select standard unit of measurement (UOM) for the template – ensuring consistent data quality for short and long-term reporting.

ZIMS for Husbandry Log Templates now make it easier to record essential Environmental Measurements for enclosures, life support, and components.

Add Multiple Feed Items: When the keeper, aquarist, or ZIMS registrar opens a Husbandry Log Template to record data for an Animal or Enclosure Feed Log, all of the relevant food items are displayed in the same column for quick and easy data entry.

The new ZIMS for Husbandry Log Templates show all of the foods for an animal or enclosure in one column, making it easier to record Feed Logs for animals and enclosures.

ZIMS for Husbandry: Add multiple foods to a Husbandry Log Template.

How it works: To add items to a template, click on “Add another food item” in the lower right of the screen.

Similar functionality is used to add or change the Environmental Measurements that you want to track for Enclosures, Life Support and Components.

For help with ZIMS for Husbandry Log Templates – and all things ZIMS – reach out to our Member Support team at

ZIMS for Husbandry Daily Report

Essential checklist items are included in the ZIMS Daily Report, making it easier for supervisors and colleagues to know what’s been done.

There’s more. Checklist Items for Animals, Enclosures, Life Support and Components recorded through Husbandry Log Templates are also now included in the ZIMS Daily Report. Users can easily view which daily checks and tasks have been completed. This insight can make a tremendous difference in the ease at which your teams communicate between shifts and throughout the day.

What’s Next: The ZIMS for Husbandry team will shift focus to enhancing the Care & Welfare module. Some of the upcoming changes include shared templates, an Institution preference to include Care & Welfare notes in the husbandry module, and an export option on the Indicator screen. All of these enhancements have been requested by Species360 members. ZIMS users can stay informed on recently released functionality by viewing the Release Notes, accessible from the ZIMS Start Menu.

As always, thank you to our partners and members for helping us to deliver these new capabilities. We appreciate you!

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