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Conservation Research Workshop: Maximizing the impact of live collections, hosted by Memphis Zoo and Zoo Miami

May 3, Species360 Director of Science Dr. Dalia Conde will lead a discussion on the power of aquarium and zoo data for scientific discovery. The course is part of a workshop on the role of zoos in advancing conservation and biological sciences, with for researchers from zoos, museums, and academic institutions.

May 3rd: 1:30 Eastern US The power of standardization and data sharing across a global community of zoos and aquariums. Future directions of Zoo and Aquariums data integrations with other information systems, with Dr. Dalia Conde, Director of Science, Species360.

This workshop is sponsored by iDigBio, the National Resource for Advancing Digitization of Biodiversity Collections (ADBC).

Check out the Research Workshop: Linking and Leveraging Biological Collections: Zoos and Natural History Museums, hosted by Memphis Zoo and organized with Zoo Miami, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, Florida Museum of Natural History and University of Notre Dame. Learn more about the steps that zoos can take to make collection information available to researchers, and how information can be shared with the larger scientific community.

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