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Conservation: Applying high performance computing to species survival research

Species360 Director of Science and Conservation Science Alliance lead Dr. Dalia Conde speaks with ScienceNode writer August Reed about her path to using high performance computing in ecology research.

Here is an excerpt:

It started when I wanted to really gather a lot of different types of data, and I wanted to develop an index of knowledge for every species on the planet. That was in 2012.

So, I did the first index, which was only for demographic knowledge. (That was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.) From there, I needed to do more types of analytics in order to understand species survival and mortality patterns. And of course, you need to look at a lot of competing models to see which fits better to the data, which can best represent biological process. And the only way you can do that is with HPC. 

“Paths to HPC: Dr. Dalia A. Conde, director of Species360 and Women of Discovery award recipient, on conservation ecology, the digital frontier, and conversations across fields,” ScienceNode, 15 March 2021

Read the full article at ScienceNode.

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