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New in ZIMS for Medical: Upload lab test results from Gribbles Australia and Gribbles New Zealand

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Photo: Species360 member San Antonio Zoo (U.S.)

I am happy to announce that zoo, aquarium, and wildlife veterinary teams can now upload hematology and chemistry diagnostic results from Gribbles Australia and Gribbles New Zealand directly into ZIMS for Medical. By saving lab results directly to the animal’s medical records, the Test Result Upload feature reduces manual data entry and improves the consistency and quality of animal health records.

Go to Species360 Training “Test Result Upload” help document (PDF) for more information on using this new feature in ZIMS.

Test Result Upload really is a fantastic feature in ZIMS, and is so utterly worthwhile…. future zoo veterinarians will not know how lucky they have it when we talk about the ‘olden days’ of manual data input.

Uploading test results is unbelievably time-saving, regardless of whether you are working at a large institution with many samples or a small institution with minimal staff and fewer samples.

Retaining the review function ensures that values can be double-checked and the interpretation of the results does not get missed. Having all the information uploaded into dedicated tabs creates consistency that was not always present when vets manually uploaded the results (i.e. haemolysis indexes were often placed into different areas or sometimes not uploaded at all).

Dr. Adrienne Lavinia, Veterinarian 
Ballarat Wildlife Park, Central Highlands of Victoria, Australia

ZIMS Test Result Upload was developed through the contributions – in both funding and expertise – of members of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), Zoo and Aquarium Association – Australasia (ZAA), and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).

To all that have supported the development, testing, and release of this feature, we are very grateful for your contribution to this work, and are delighted to make this available to our member community.

3 Steps to Upload Test Results to ZIMS for Medical

  1. Cut and paste the entire contents of the email sent to you by Gribbles Australia OR save and import the TXT file sent to you from Gribbles New Zealand into the Test Result Upload screen.  Click Import Results.
  2. Link results to a patient sample
  3. Upload results

For more information on ZIMS Test Result Upload, access the Species360 Member Support and Training help document here:

As you use this new feature, please share your experiences by emailing 

Your feedback is invaluable to us! Based on your experience, we will continue to improve the feature.

Read more comments from the zoo veterinarians now using Test Result Upload feature in ZIMS for Medical.

Thank you again for your ongoing support.  We appreciate all that you do for the animals in your care and for our zoo and aquarium community.  We hope this feature will make your data entry more efficient and provide more time to focus on the incredible work you do every day.

Gribbles Australia and Gribbles New Zealand trade as separate entities, Gribbles Veterinary Pathology Australia, part of the Australian Clinical Labs group & Gribbles Veterinary Pathology, part of the Asia Pacific Healthcare Group (APHG).

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