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Species360 Learning Opportunities: Getting Ready for Inventory Time, with Brigid Randle

As you get ready for inventory time at your institution, find out how you can use ZIMS to streamline data records. Photo Credit: Zoological Society of London (ZSL)
Brigid Randle, AZA Schools and former Registrar at Living Desert (California, United States) will host a webinar Nov 18 for Species360 members. Register to learn more about using ZIMS to streamline how you do inventory updates.

Register here to join us for the Species360 November Webinar:

“Getting Ready for Inventory Time”
Wednesday, November 18 — 4:00 PM CET (European Central Time) / 9:00 AM CDT (North America Central Daylight Time)

Every day, zoo keepers and aquarists use ZIMS for Husbandry and ZIMS for Medical to keep meticulous records as they care for individual animals, larger groups, water enclosures, and more. At key intervals, they also do a full overview and recount of each and every individual, to ensure records are up to date and all is well.

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