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Marine Aquarium of Rio de Janeiro joins Species360

The 26,000 square-meter AquaRio facility manages 4.5 million liters of water and supports 350 species. It’s focus: education, research, and conservation. “We must know to conserve,” says President Marcelo Szpilman. AquaRio is a member of WAZA, ALPZA, and AZAB

We are so happy to welcome new member Aquário Marinho do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to the Species360 global community. Built in 2016, the and spanning 26,000-square-meter AquaRio is the largest aquarium in South America and serves as a central source of revitalization within its historic Gamboa neighborhood.

AquaRio features 28 distinct enclosures and 4.5 million liters of water — including the 3.5 million liter Ocean Tancão ™. In all, aquarists here care for more than 350 species, from sharks and rays to threatened species of seahorse bred for reintroduction.

AquaRio research partners study the morphology of the embryo of the Brazilian electric ray (Narcine brasiliensis) found along the east coast of Brazil. AquaRio partners with research institutions, public and private universities, and the Brazilian Navy to increase what we know about unique species. In research with the COPPE institute for graduate studies at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Focus on Education, Research, Conservation: “We must know to conserve.”

Considered the most biologically diverse country in the world, Brazil is rich in marine live. The country is home to the largest continuous stretch of mangroves and the only reef environments in the South Atlantic.

AquaRio is focused on protecting this rich marine ecosystem through education, research, and conservation. Following the mantra of marine conservationist and President Marcelo Szpilman, “We must know to conserve,” the Aquarium highlights Brazil’s rich marine ecosystems as well as those in other parts of the world.

“As human encroachment and climate change continue to threaten our marine ecosystems, institutes like the Marine Aquarium of Rio de Janeiro are a force for new insight and positive change. We are pleased to be a platform for the growing aquatics community, for recording, analyzing, and sharing data that is essential to improving the welfare and conservation of species,” said Peter Donlon, Species360 Director of Global Member Development.

AquaRio’s ocean tank – Tancão ™ – holds 3.5 million liters of water, is seven meters in height and features a tunnel passing through its interior. In all, AquaRio cares for more than 5,000 individuals and over 350 species.

More than 350 aquatics institutions worldwide curate and share animal welfare and species conservation data as part of global non-profit Species360.

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