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ZIMS at Work: Calgary Zoo uses ZIMS to track eggs – their origin, clutch mates, and more

September 16 Webinar: Deanna Snell, Registrar at the Calgary Zoo, will join us for this month’s Species360 Tips and Tricks webinar, “Managing Eggs in ZIMS.” Register here to join us!

Calgary Zoo is a key participant in international conservation efforts that are dramatically improving populations of whooping cranes in the wild. In 2019, two cranes hatched at Calgary Zoo were released at the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Wisconsin. Learn more about #SavingCranes at the International Crane Foundation.

For nearly a decade, teams at Calgary Zoo have used ZIMS to manage the eggs and egg masses of endangered species such as whooping cranes, sage grouse and northern leopard frogs, along with a few Species Survival Program (SSP) species. 

Calgary Zoo is instrumental in programs to save endangered species, including the northern leopard frog, whooping crane, greater sage-grouse, burrowing owl, and Vancouver Island marmot. (Photo: Adobe Stock Images)

Now, Calgary Zoo registrar Deanna Snell will share her experience and expertise in the September 16 ZIMS Tips and Tricks webinar, hosted by Species360 Member Support and Training.

By using special functionality in ZIMS to accession eggs and egg masses, Deanna will show you how to record and share important data on the eggs and management of these species, including:

  • Tracking origin of eggs (both wild collected and captive-laid)
  • Recording number of eggs laid in a season and over time.
  • Tracking weight loss during egg incubation
  • Pulling reports of number of eggs laid and hatches
  • Pulling reports on clutch mates
  • Recording a full history of an animal from date the egg was laid to hatching to life history
  • Recording naturally incubated vs. artificial incubation to compare survivability rates both in captivity and in the wild
  • Accurate records to inform sound management decisions for egg husbandry, reintroduction, and genetic holdbacks.

Register here to join us for “Managing Eggs and Egg Masses in ZIMS,” a Species360 Tips and Tricks webinar on September 16. And learn more about Calgary Zoo programs to save endangered species this month in Canadian Geographic.

Check here to register for Upcoming Events, Species360 Member Support and Training.

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