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Queensland Koala Rescue and Conservation Centers Join Species360

The Daisy Hill Koala Center and Moggill Koala Rehabilitation Center, Queensland, Australia, have joined Species360 as institutional members. As part of the Wildlife and Threatened Species Operations of the Department of Environment and Science, Queensland, the centers are home to rescue, rehabilitation, and education services that are essential to protecting populations of koalas throughout the region.

Moggill Koala Rehabilitation Center hospital provides medical care and rehabilitation facilities to koalas, including those injured during recent bushfires. Once ready, the koalas are reintroduced to the wild. (Photo: Queensland Government)
Statistics are collected from all koalas and have been recorded into a database which now contains over 50,000 records. Once rehabilitated, treated koalas are returned to their natural habitat at, or close to, their point of rescue. Each koala is micro-chipped so that it can be identified in the future. Rehabilitation of a single koala back into the wild can make a significant difference to the survival of the South East Queensland koala population. (Photo: Queensland Government)

The Daisy Hill Koala Centre draws visitors to 435 hectares of open eucalypt forest about 25 km south of Brisbane.

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