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ZIMS for Studbooks: Webinars, Workshops, Open Office Hours, and 1-to-1 Meetings!

ZIMS for Studbooks Workshops in April and May

Species360 is hosting a variety of Studbooks-focused opportunities in the coming months. Please join us for one or more of these events to ask questions about using ZIMS for Studbooks, to get help with your studbooks, and to share feedback with colleagues.

More than 800 studbooks are now being managed using ZIMS for Studbooks and more are being migrated every day.

ZIMS for Studbooks training and integration opportunities

16 April: ZIMS for Studbooks Webinar – 10am – 11am EST and 7 – 8 pm EST. A great intro to managing studbooks with ZIMS! Learn how to do census graphing, connect Studbooks ID to Husbandry for automatic updates, and more. Register here for Species360 Webinars.

21 April and 30 April: OPEN OFFICE HOURS from 8am – 6pm. Have a question about ZIMS for Studbooks? Or wish you had a specific feature to make your job easier? Hop onto an open call with our support representative Erika Fronk or Product Owner Katelyn Mucha to have your ZIMS for Studbooks questions answered. Anyone is welcome to stop by and all questions, feedback, and discussions are welcome! Register here for April 21 office hours; or Register here for April 30, or drop in the same day.

5 May: ZIMS for Studbooks Tips and Tricks Webinar – 9 – 10 am and 7 -8 pm EST. Join our team while we walk through time saving features and tips on how to streamline your use of Studbooks. There will be time for questions and discussion. Register here for Species360 Webinars.

Request a Meeting! Unable to make one of these sessions but have questions about ZIMS for Studbooks? With busy and unpredictable schedules at this time it may be difficult to attend one of these sessions. If this is the case for you, please reach out by email to and we will find a time to meet with you about Studbooks.

TAG Webinars! In addition, if your institution/TAG/region would like us to host a webinar or question/answer session to learn more about ZIMS for Studbooks, please email us at

For example: If your institution wanted all their studbook keepers on a call for a demo of ZIMS for Studbooks we would be happy to accommodate this request!

Thank you for your support and participation in these workshops and conversations. We are pleased to support studbook keepers around the world, in partnership with population management initiatives through AZA, EAZA, ZAA, SEAZA, AZAB, JAZA, PAAZA and WAZA!

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