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Professional Development: AZA Institutional Records Keeping course teaches ZIMS

Animal care specialists, curators, registrars, and leaders from Belize, Brazil, Canada, and the United States are participating in the 2020 AZA Institutional Records Keeping course.

This week, Species360 is providing technical and training support at AZA’s annual Institutional Records Keeping course. Participants from zoos and aquariums in learn best practices in data quality, security, and records management for husbandry, animal welfare, medical, and other disciplines.

Thanks to all of our new and long-standing members here this week, those of you teaching sessions and those who are helping others to learn.

We think some of you might be able to TEACH this course! 😉
The AZA course uses the Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) to demonstrate best practices in data quality, including ZIMS for Husbandry, Care and Welfare, Medical, and Studbooks applications. More than 1,200 zoos, aquariums, and wildlife refuges in 99 countries use ZIMS to curate and share data about species in their care.

Thanks also to Species360 trainers Josh Courteau and Adrienne Miller for over a decade of supporting this important AZA professional development course. Thank you Josh and Adrienne! We love seeing Mom and Teen Rhino on screen!

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