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New Member: From the coast of France, Océanopolis Aquarium joins Species360

Océanopolis Aquarium, Brest, France, cares for more 1,000 unique species in its sea and fresh water aquatic environments. Learn more about Océanopolis Aquarium.

Species360 welcomes its newest European member, Océanopolis Aquarium, located in Brest, France.  A member of EAZA and EUAC, the oceanarium will have access to ZIMS — including ZIMS in French — to help monitor and manage parameters essential to the well-being of more than 1,000 species in its care — including feeding, nutrition, light, water temperature, pH, salinity, and more.

Océanopolis Aquarium takes visitors on a learning journey of species living in temperate (Brittany), polar and tropical environments. (Photo courtesy of Océanopolis Aquarium.)


  • More than 4 million litres of sea water
  • 1,000 different species
  • 10,000 animals
  • 9,000 m2 of visit space
  • 3 pavilions
  • 1 otter trail
  • 77 aquaria
Located on the coast of France, Océanopolis Aquarium sustains more than 1,000 different species.

Océanopolis Aquarium joins the more than 1,200 aquariums, zoos, wildlife centers in 99 countries that participate in Species360, each of which curates and shares data essential to animal welfare and species conservation.

Learn more about Océanopolis Aquarium.

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