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Species360 welcomes 103 new members in 2019

Thanks to the ongoing support of our member community, Species360 welcomed a record 103 zoos, aquariums, wildlife refuges, and conservation organizations in 35 countries as new members in 2019. This growth reflects the ever-growing demand for data and analytics used in the care and conservation of wildlife.

In all, more than 1200 institutions in 99 countries participate in Species360 and use the Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) to record and analyze vital information for animals in their care. As one of the largest sets of data on species, including many that face increasing threats in the wild due to climate change, illegal trade, and disease, ZIMS has become a source of critical insight for IUCN Species Survival Committee, CITES, TRAFFIC and others leading efforts to save species.

Female orangutan Annie, at the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. The foundation joined Species360 as a member institution in 2019.

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