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New for Aquariums: Making a change to the water in an enclosure? ZIMS tracks essential details

More than 350 aquariums worldwide use ZIMS to manage their fish and coral collections, medical, and studbooks.

Update: Also new in ZIMS, aquarists graph water change events vs water quality measurements with the Environmental Quality Graphing Tool and easily incorporate Water Changes into the Husbandry Log Templates.

Species360 members managing aquarium environments have a new set of toys — we mean TOOLS! — to track water changes in detail. Now live in the Enclosure, Life Support, and Component Maintenance grids, the new features address specific needs of aquatics teams:

  • Automatically calculates water change percentage of total volume, for all enclosures with system volumes recorded in ZIMS.
  • Members can export results with the ZIMS Maintenance and Water Change grid export and in the Daily Report.
  • The new tool works with provisional data, allowing managers to check data entry before approving record acceptance.

Watch here for more news about ZIMS for Aquatics!

Already have your system volume in ZIMS? Water Change saves time by automatically calculating the percentage of water changed.

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