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Meet the Experts: Mazuri Nutritionist Dr. Troy Tollefson says animal welfare begins with what, and how, we feed

We extend a special thanks to Mazuri® Exotic Animal Nutrition for seven consecutive years of sponsorship of the Species360 member community, including helping resource-constrained wildlife institutions such as Paramaribo Zoo in Suriname to participate and to use ZIMS for animal records management. When you evaluate providers for your zoo and aquarium needs, please consider talking with the team of experts at Mazuri!

Dr. Troy Tollefson, Nutritionist / Mazuri’s team of nutritionists consult with aquariums, zoos, and other wildlife institutions to address the needs of individual and groups of animals.

As zoos and aquariums focus on ensuring optimal care and welfare of wildlife – from improving environments to enriching activities – nutrition remains a foundational component of animal health and well-being. What animals consume has a cascading impact on everything from behavior to reproductive health and mental well-being.

At the Association of Zoos and Aquariums annual conference held in New Orleans earlier this year, Species360 talked with Dr. Troy Tollefson, Nutritionist, Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition, about recent changes in wildlife care and nutrition – and what it takes to bring new discoveries to market.

“Nutrition has been at the forefront of changes in animal welfare,” said Tollefson. “At Mazuri, we have continued to improve everything from the source to the way that foods are processed to retain quality and benefit.”

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