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Test Result Upload Phase 2: Request for Funding

Following the release of Test Result Upload, Species360 seeks funding to enable Urinalysis, Serology, Molecular Diagnostic Tests, Cytology Reports, and more

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Bronx Zoo chief veterinarian Dr. Paul Calle with a juvenile flamingo. Dr. Calle was instrumental in supporting the development of Test Result Upload. For more information on supporting Phase 2 of Test Result Upload, addressing urinalysis, serology, and more, please contact Peter Donlon at (Photo: WCS)

The new Test Result Upload feature now available in ZIMS for Medical, was made possible by contributions from 33 Species360 members in Australia, Canada, and the United States, as well as contributions from IDEXX and Antech. The feature will be available to all Species360 members free of charge. 

Phase 2 will provide the opportunity for continued development and enhancement specific to importing test results.  These enhancements are expected to provide data standard results for urinalysis, serology, and molecular diagnostic tests; text results for cytology reports; more streamlined data entry for samples, and more.  The amount raised will determine what specifically can be achieved in Phase 2.

Species360 is now asking our members that are able, to consider funding pledges to support the Phase 2 development of Test Result Upload features and functionality.  We recognize this is a very tough time to ask for financial support. So far, we have received 13 pledges from U.S. members.  To assist members in their budget planning, the invoicing of pledges will be delayed until after the 1st quarter 2021.  

To learn more about Phase 2 funding, please contact Peter Donlon at or

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