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Species360 Blog: 2019 Year in Review

Species360 volunteers removed invasive plants to preserve natural habitat that sustains migratory and permanent species along the Mississippi River Valley (U.S.)

Species360 CEO Jim Guenter captures highlights of 2019 in this annual review — from establishing ZIMS for Care and Welfare as a foundation for monitoring and evaluating Animal Welfare for individuals, groups, and enclosures, to expanding our work with In Situ projects sustaining critical populations in the wild, to migrating over 500 studbooks to ZIMS for Studbooks, and more.

We thank our members, partners, trustees, and staff for the work and collaboration that leads to each of these milestones. We also look forward to continuing the momentum in 2020, as our member community focuses on improving the care and conservation of wildlife worldwide.

For more information, read the full 2019 Year in Review here.

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