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Education: Mote Marine and Species360 Guest Lecture at San Jose State University

Pharmaceuticals, healthcare, government, museum, manufacturing…and animal records?

For San José State University Masters of Archives and Records Administration (MARA) students, a recent guest lecture with Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium Curator of Husbandry and Records Matt Seguin and Species360 Training Manager Josh Courteau introduced new and surprising opportunities.

The role of information management in species conservation and animal welfare “opened up a world of knowledge” for students, reports Havilah Steinman, Reference Librarian at San Diego Law Library and iStudent blogger for San Jose State University School of Information. Not only is the field significantly different from more traditional career paths, data curated by Species360 members impacts global populations.

“Because of the emphasis on conservation for zoos and aquariums, cooperative breeding programs are a large part of the records Species360 manages, as well as large databases of research from everything from animal health and welfare, to genetic information on each animal in an organization’s catalogue,” writes Steinman.

For more information, read the full post at the San Jose State University School of Information iStudent Blog.

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